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Activation Date: 20 May, 2021   Announced Date: 20 May, 2021   Expire Date: 27 May, 2021

Job Location: Kabul
Nationality: Afghan
Category: Other
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: According to Ariana Afghan Airlines Salary Scale
Vacancy Number: AAA-399
No. Of Jobs: 20
City: Kabul, Afghanistan
Organization: Ariana Afghan Airlines
Years of Experience: قابليت تطبيق خط و مشي و پاليسي هاي شركت؛ داشتن اهل
Contract Duration: Permanent
Gender: Male/Female
Education: داشتن سند تحصيلي حد اقل بكلوريا
Close date: 27 May, 2021

About Ariana Afghan Airlines:

Ariana Afghan Airlines Co. Ltd., also known as Ariana, is the largest airline of Afghanistan and serves as the country’s national carrier. Founded in 1955, Ariana is the oldest airline of Afghanistan

Job Description:

Cabin Crew members are usually employed by AOC holders for the safety and comfort of passengers during flight

(a) The authority may issue the following ratings for the Cabin Crew members.
(1) Aircraft type ratings.
(2) Senior cabin crew ratings.
(3) Cabin crew instructors’ ratings

a) No person holding a cabin crew certificate and ratings shall exercise the privileges of the cabin crew
certificate unless he/she presents to the authority satisfactory evidence that the license, medical
certificate and recency of experience and proficiency are current

(a) A person shall not be able to perform duties as a cabin crew member on an aircraft registered in
Afghanistan, unless a valid certificate or validation certificate is held showing appropriate to the duties
to be performed by that person.
(b) An applicant shall perform being issued with the cabin crew certificate and ratings meet such
the requirement in respect of age, knowledge, experience, competency, skill, medical fitness, and language
proficiency as are specified for that license and ratings.
(c) An applicant for the renewal or reissue of a Cabin Crew certificate shall meet the requirements as are
specified for the certificate and ratings in this part

Each Cabin Crew member shall:
1. Be well prepared and fit for the flight
2. Carry the documents required for duty
3. Ensure the respect of “Fasten Seatbelt” and “No smoking” signs
4. Ensure the comfort and safety of the passengers.
5. Ensure the passenger’s safety
6. Arrive on time, well-rested and prepared for cabin briefing
7. Complete and sign the appropriate section of the Emergency Equipment and Security Pre-flight Check
form prior to boarding

8. Take part in the Captain’s and or Pursers briefing, where details for the flight are discussed

9. Being thoroughly familiar with the location, operation, and use of all items of safety and survival
10. Being thoroughly familiar with all safety and evacuation procedures, emergency exits, and escape aid
on the aircraft to which they are assigned
11. Observe and supervise the cabin cleaning and catering during transit and check ID cards/ authorization
of personnel seeking admission to the aircraft
12. Reporting any fault, failure, malfunction, or defect which he/she believes may affect the airworthiness o
safe operation of the aircraft including emergency system, to the Purser or Captain, prior to, during an
at the end of a flight
13. Ensuring that crew hand luggage and all passenger hand luggage is securely stowed for take-off an
14. Ensuring that all passengers are properly briefed on the location of emergency exits and the use
relevant safety equipment
15. Ensuring that all necessary documentation is on board
16. Ensuring that the cabin is secure before take-off, landing, and turbulence
17. Maintaining vigilance during flight and report to the Captain any situation that could endanger the safety
18. Maintaining a thorough working knowledge of all aspects of customer care, including first aid, aviation
security, in-flight service, and general passenger handling regulations
19. Maintaining the validity of their passports, visas, inoculation, and vaccination certificates as appropriate
20. Completing any documentation required by the Customs and Immigration Authorities
21. Completing any documentation as required by the Company
22. Make sure that the aircraft is prepared and handed-over to the next crew or the catering supervisor
an orderly and professional manner
23. Maintaining a high standard of public conduct while away from their base and in circumstances where
it is reasonably likely that they will be recognized as Ariana Afghan Airlines crew
24. Ensuring that they adhere to company appearance regulations at all times when in uniform
25. Safeguard the interests of Ariana Afghan Airlines


Job Requirements:

(a) The following requirements are indicative of the minimum qualifications for a certificate.
(1) Age. The applicant for the Cabin Crew certificate shall be not less than 18 years of age.
(2) Height. The applicant for the cabin crew certificate shall be able to reach safety equipment and open and
close overhead bins in aircraft from a standing position.
(3) Weight. The applicant for the Cabin Crew certificate shall be able to move comfortably inside the aircraft
(e.g. Aisle area)

(4) Medical. The applicant for the Cabin Crew certificate should have physical fitness for safety-related
Cabin Crew responsibilities equivalent to class 3 medical certificate.
(5) Knowledge. The applicant for the Cabin Crew certificate shall be at least a 12th High School graduate.
(d) Language Proficiency. Before issuing a Cabin Crew certificate the applicant should have been checked
on English Language Proficiency as required by 2.2.2 for level 3.

تسلط به زبان هاي رسمي(پشتو و يا دري) و آشنايي كامل(تحرير و تكلم) با زبان انگليسي؛

داشتن مهارت هاي كمپيوتري در برنامه هاي مرتبط به وظيفه.

سپري نمودن كورسهاي مسلكي بعداز واجد شرايط بودن


Submission Guideline:

Applications should be submitted through e-mail to this address: [email protected]

Note: All applicants must write position title and vacancy number:(Cabin Crew مهماندار/AAA-399) in the subject line of his/her application.

Submission Email:

[email protected]

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