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Community Health Officer (Re-announced)

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Activation Date: 27 May, 2021   Announced Date: 27 May, 2021   Expire Date: 05 Jun, 2021

Job Location: Nangarhar
Nationality: Afghan
Category: Health Care
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: As per NTA Salary Scale
Vacancy Number: ELCS-HR-005
No. Of Jobs: 6
Organization: ELCS
Years of Experience: At least 3 years of experience in Afghanistan heal
Contract Duration: One year Extendable
Gender: Male/Female
Education: MD degree, Midwives and Nurses
Close date: 05 Jun, 2021

About ELCS:

Emerging Leaders Consulting Services (ELCS) is a dynamic research and business consulting firm, differentiated by experience, business integrity and innovation. ELCS scope of engagement spans across several sectors, namely public health, education, private sector development, conflict and humanitarian emergencies and environment. Since establishment in 2008, ELCS has worked with over 45 international organizations, development partners, diplomatic missions and government institution across seven sectors. ELCS specialized competencies include, program design and management, research and survey design, monitoring and evaluation, human and institutional development and implementation science. 

Background to AFIAT Project

ELCS serves as core partner to Management Sciences for Health (MSH) in a USAID funded Assistance for Families and Indigent Afghans to Thrive (AFIAT) project. The project works to improve access to, delivery of quality health and nutrition services in the country. Working with Ministry of Public Health and other partners including private sector institutions, AFIAT will strengthen performance of the Afghan healthcare system through a range of technical assistance activities targeted at different levels of the health system outlined in the two main packages of BPHS and EPHS.

Job Description:

The Community Health Officers “CHOs” will represent ELCS in AFIAT’s provincial offices.

The CHOs will provide support to Community Targeted Support Team (TSTs), while leading discussions with Community Health Supervisor “CHS”, Community Health Worker “CHW”, and local communities on strategies to link the TSTs with local communities. They will provide field-level support during the implementation of the project. Specifically, they will be working with AFIAT PI officers to support Targeted Support Teams (TSTs) in their work. In close collaboration with PPHO, Implementing NGOs and AFIAT, the CHOs will provide support in the establishment of the community TSTs. Specifically, the CHOs will provide support to prepare TSTs for their role including the purpose of TSTs, their scope, and implementation strategy/approach. Moreover, the CHOs will lead to strengthening linkage with local communities in targeted HF catchment areas. The CHOs will work with local communities in particular CHS, CHWs, Health Shuras, Family Health Action Groups (FHAGs), any respected community groups and any relevant cross-sectoral actors to engage them in the TST work including assessment of quality and delivery of community healthcare services in target areas. They will support communities to share their views regarding the quality of healthcare and provide feedback to the (Health Facilities) HFs through the development of community compacts and community scorecards.

The CHOs will also provide support in other areas of the project implementation including, overseeing data collection of different surveys proposed during the life of the project. This will involve, identifying locally trained researchers and surveyors, supporting field arrangements including coordination with local PPHOs and NGOs, provincial authorities and overseeing the quality of data, and sending data to the central level for further analysis.

Specific Responsibilities of the Position:

  • Work with AFIAT Senior Field Office Manager and PI officers to implement project activities in target health facilities and community level.
  • Collaborate with AFIAT Senior Field Office Manager and PI officers to initiate dialogue with PPHOs in support of project implementation.
  • Provide inputs in project implementation modality in particularly roll out of TSTs
  • Work with Senior Field Office Manager and PI officers to represent the AFIAT project on different provincial platforms.
  • In support with Senior, Field Office Manager establish contact with BPHS implementing NGOs and other organizations operating in AFIAT supported projects
  • Establish close ties with and mentor Community health supervisors, CHWs, and local communities in particular key influential community members with a focus on respectful maternity care and gender-sensitive care for the related CBHC activities.
  • Collaborate with Senior Field Office Manager to lead provincial planning including field visits by TSTs in support of project activities.
  • Provide community-level support to the TSTs for further engagement of the community.
  • Lead initiation of dialogue with local communities regarding AFIAT and the TSTs: Provide support and guidance to local communities including an orientation on the TSTs, their role, scope, and ensure their representation in the composition of TSTs
  • Work with local communities to improve their participation in TSTs and other provincial-level platforms.
  • Support local communities, the Health Shura representative in their role while serving as TST member.
  • Work with local communities to prepare them for the rapid assessment and follow-up TST visits at the community/HPs level.
  • In collaboration with local communities, map existing community compacts that can be replicated for use in AFIAT.
  • With support from the AFIAT national team, particularly the Senior Community Health Advisor and Senior Field Office Manager and PI officers, development and or adapt the community compacts and scorecards.
  • Coordinate TSTs related activities with local communities including their visits to HFs.
  • Provide support in the field arrangements for the surveys proposed by AFIAT during the project.
  • Provide support in the coordination of the survey implementation with local authorities including PPHOs, NGOs, and local communities.
  • Oversee implementation of project surveys by conducting data quality assurance visits from the survey sites.
  • Prepare and submit an activity progress report to the line supervisor on a frequent basis.
  • Timely submission of survey data to the central level for further analysis
  • Willing to travel in the province as needed and according to the security recommendations given by the provincial Field Office Senior Manager.
  • Comply with AFIAT field office regulations.
  • Any other relevant activities deemed needed by AFIAT.

Documentation and Learning:

Document and cost the overall provincial TST interventions. Timely submission to allow the central analysis of TST interventions in coordination with PMO, on a quarterly basis.
Document project success stories and prepare case studies for publication by AFIAT.
Conduct and document end-of-project learning reviews, and share lessons learned and best practices.

Job Requirements:


  • MD degree, Midwives and Nurses from recognized university or institutes


  • At least 3 years of relevant experience in the Afghanistan health system.
  • Good knowledge of Afghanistan’s health system.
  • Demonstrated practical experience working with BPHS and EPHS projects.
  • Past experience working with USAID support health projects is preferable.

Knowledge and Skills

  • A clear understanding of the healthcare system in Afghanistan
  • Knowledge of different community health interventions proposed in BPHS and EPHS packages including, RMNCH, Nutrition, child health/EPI, and Tuberculosis.
  • An understanding of Afghanistan’s socio-cultural norms including local community dynamics.
  • Knowledge of present gaps in community-based health programs and quality of services in Afghanistan is preferable.
  • Proven track record, leading community-based health projects is preferred.
  • Knowledge of different Monitoring and Evaluation and supervision techniques including supportive supervision and excellent communication skills.
  • Past experience working with local communities in health-related projects.
  • Knowledge of different capacity-building programs implemented in the past is preferred.
  • Demonstrated skills in community mobilization and participation techniques.
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and under tight deadlines.
  • Ability to take initiative and lead work process with less supervision.
  • Experience in designing training or mentoring workshops is desirable.
  • Demonstrated ability to work and adapt to challenging environments.
  • Past successful track record in presentation and facilitation skills.
  • Ability to operate computer and Ms. Office packages
  • Good command of local languages and communication written and spoken English.

Submission Guideline:

Interested applicants must submit their CV supported with a cover letter no later than the closing date. Please indicate the Job Title, Vacancy Number & Location in the subject line of your email. Applications are reviewed on rolling basis and only Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for the test and Interview before closing date. 

ELCS provides equal employment opportunities without due consideration of ethnicity, race, gender, color, age and other personal attributes.

Submission Email:

[email protected]

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