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Outreach & Communication Officer Re-Announced

Activation Date: 29 Mar, 2021   Announced Date: 29 Mar, 2021   Expire Date: 05 Apr, 2021

Job Location: Nangarhar
Nationality: Afghan
Category: Communication
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: As per the NTA Policy
Vacancy Number: IDLD/HR/CCNPP/214
No. Of Jobs: 1
City: Jalalabad
Organization: IDLG
Years of Experience: 04 Years
Contract Duration: One years with possible extension
Gender: Male/Female
Education: BA/ Master preferred
Close date: 05 Apr, 2021

About IDLG:

IDLG was established on 30 August 2007 by Presidential decree, transferring the responsibilities of the Civil Administration division of the Ministry of the Interior to a new independent directorate. The Presidential decree also transferred the responsibility for supporting Provincial Councils to IDLG, creating a single structure responsible for sub‐national governance in Afghanistan. IDLG therefore has direct management responsibility of Tashkeel staff working in sub‐national governance institutions such as Provincial and District Governors’ Offices, Provincial and District Municipalities, and Provincial Councils (PCs).

IDLG’s vision is to make a difference in the lives of Afghan citizens by providing them good
governance. IDLG’s mission is consolidating peace and stability, achieving development and
equitable economic growth and achieving improvements in service delivery through just,
democratic processes and institutions of good governance at sub‐national level.

IDLG’s Mandate:

Improving sub‐national governance in order to achieve stability, security and development
Providing good governance at sub‐national level
Establishing and strengthening government institutions at sub‐national level
Ensuring public participation in decision making

IDLG has four functions, as follows:

Policy Development: Development of sub‐national governance policy and revision of laws, regulations and rules of procedure in line with this policy
Institutional Development: Provision of organizational strengthening, capacity building and support to sub‐national governance institutions
Broader Governance: Support for the participation of stakeholders and citizens in subnational governance processes
Support: Facilitating the delivery of national programs and initiatives through subnational governance institutions

The Citizens’ Charter National Priority Program (CCNPP) is a whole-of-Government initiative to combat poverty and improve citizen-state relations, over a period of 10 years and three phases. The first phase of the CCNPP, called the Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project (CCAP), is funded by the International Development Association of the World Bank (IDA/ WB), the Afghanistan Reconstruction Trust Fund (ARTF) and the Ministry of Finance (MoF) representing the Government of Afghanistan itself. The CCAP’s, with a duration from January 2017 to December 2022, a Project Development Objective (PDO) for provision of basic infrastructure, emergency support and social services to communities through strengthened Community Development Councils (CDCs), covers one-third of the country with a total approved budget of around US$ 800 million (not including bilateral grants for specific sub-components). The Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD, for rural communities) and the Independent Directorate of Local Government (IDLG, for urban communities) serve as the primary implementing agencies, while the Ministry of Finance (MoF) serves in a coordinating role, and the Ministries of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock (MAIL), of Public Health (MoPH) and of Education (MoE) serve as line ministries providing the services outlined in the CCAP’s Minimum Service Standards (MSS) that form the basis of the Charter.

The IDLG implements the urban CCAP through a Project Implementation Unit (PIU) with one headquarter and four provincial management units (PMUs), one in each of the four cities and a budget of US$ 123.7 million, and NGOs contracted as Facilitating Partners (FPs) to handle the full facilitation in the 850 communities and 170 gozars contracted in four regional cities.

The urban CCAP will be using part of the funding received to expand into 75 additional communities in the city of Jalalabad, under a unique pilot sub-program promoting peace initiatives within the CCAP’s designed model. Of the 75 communities, 35 communities (and their 7 gozars) will be facilitated by IDLG contracted staff fully, in the first of the two pilots. The remaining 40 communities (and their 8 gozars) will be facilitated for soft components by a contracted FP, and the hard components (i.e. subprojects, grants, engineering and related trainings to these) will be handled in-house by staff contracted by the IDLG, in the second pilot phase within this PEACE program. In addition to these pilot initiatives, the main variation from the core CCAP model will be the introduction of do-no-harm approach and conflict sensitivity trainings as well as capacity building, and empowering CDCs/GAs to undertake peace shuras and jirgas within their own communities.

Job Description:

  • Outreach & Communication Officer will report to the Provincial Management Unit Manager (Admin Issues) & Public Communication Unit Head (Technical)
  • Conduct Public awareness campaigns on CCAP under the supervision of the PMU management
  • Conduct publications of brochures, posters, and other printing materials for increasing the public awareness as per the work plan and activities scheduled.
  • Ensure the CCAP project objectives are meet through different visibility functions
  • Ensure of the PMU in establishing/maintaining partnership with relevant local, national and international media partners to ensure high number participation during the project related events
  • Prepare Press Releases for media outlets and write post in local languages for the official media pages
  • Advise the PMUs management for better maintaining strong links with project partners/beneficiaries/media/civil society /private sector /universities /other donor agencies/Embassies/ECD to ensure the delivery of the project messages to relevant target audiences through print, audio and visual press.
  • Advise the PMUs for developing and maintaining effective networks with key partners including the Government, partner UN agencies, local and international media, civil society organizations and other stakeholders to promote greater awareness of the project’s aim.
  • Craft/Implement sound messages and prepare all the necessary communication materials, speeches, talking points, to be used during the high-profile awareness raising events at the local, governmental and national level and demonstrate the role that the public at large and local communities can play.
  • Prepare the content of all the visibility materials in local languages and when necessary in English.
  • Take videos spot & good quality pictures from activities going on, at field
  • Write Success Stories on Program Impact and achievements as well as prepare testimonies in different forms as picture, video & written. 
  • Support program inter-departmental units in launching events and other occasions such as Social Trainings, Gender, Technical & M&E Units
  • To produce reports to the Joint Program Steering Committee
  • Developing on monthly, quarterly & annual basis performance reports
  • Ensuring the availability of projects achievements in the website of IDLG.

Job Requirements:

Education: Bachelor (Masters Preferred) in Journalism, Literature, Management, Business Administration, International Relations, Public Administration or any other related field of study from a recognized national or international university.

Experience: 04 Years of related experience with a Bachelor or 2 Years with a Master’s Degree. 
Computer: Good computer and internet skills and can use Adobe Programs as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and some time Adobe Premier

Languages: Dari, Pashto, English

Other Skills:

Using Camera & Video Camera
Communication Skills
Time Management
Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines
Professional work ethics

Submission Guideline:

Qualified Afghan applicants are encouraged to submit their resumes with a detailed application letter including a contact number or address. Please submit your applications electronically to https://jobs.ccap-mis.com/vacancies/70/outreach-communication-officer-re-announced/apply

The HR Department will not entertain telephone inquiries.

Only short listed candidates will be contacted for a written test.

The Citizens’ Charter/EZ-Kar/REACH is committed to ensuring a fully transparent and meritocratic recruitment process for all programme and Tashkeel positions in its purview. CVs, written tests, and interviews are reviewed by a multi-ministerial committee, including IDLG, MRRD, and Ministry of Finance. The World Bank has final signing authority on all appointments. Checks and balances have been put in place to prevent any potential for nepotism, discrimination, or favoritism. Any attempts to influence the requirement process will result in the immediate disqualification of the candidate

The IDLG DMM CCAP/EZ-KAR PIU strongly encourages woman candidates to apply. It applies a pro-active and positive discrimination policy towards woman

candidates as follows:

(a) Women candidates with slightly lower than the stated required educational qualifications will also be considered.

(b) If the difference in the written test and/or interview scores between the male and female highest scoring candidates is less than or up to 5 out of 100 total

points (or a difference of up to 10%), the woman candidate will be offered the position (even where she scored the lesser points).

(c) If offered this position, the woman position holder will be allowed an adult male or female relative as a maharram for official travel, if/when required.

(d) The IDLG and its CCAP/EZ-Kar PIU will promote a women-friendly environment with clear anti-harassment policies enforced.

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