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Portland Cement Concrete Lab Technician

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Activation Date: 31 May, 2021   Announced Date: 31 May, 2021   Expire Date: 11 Jun, 2021

Job Location: Kabul
Nationality: Afghan
Category: Engineering
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: According to NTA Salary Scale (Grade-D)
Vacancy Number: MoPW/SRTAP/CMTL/1400-85
No. Of Jobs: 4
City: Kabul + provincial travel required
Organization: Ministry of Public Works
Years of Experience: Specific 3 year and General 5 years
Contract Duration: 1 Year (with possibility of extension)
Gender: Male/Female
Education: Minimum of higher baccalaureate or bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and or similar discipline
Close date: 11 Jun, 2021

About Ministry of Public Works:

The Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) is responsible for the planning, design, procurement, implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of the various transportation infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and its relevant drainage and retaining/protection structures in the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. 
Laboratory’s Department of MoPW is responsible for testing all road and bridge construction materials such as: soil, aggregate, cement, bitumen, asphalt concrete, and other distractive and non-distractive tests on fresh and hardened concrete. The laboratory department is also responsible for geotechnical investigation of roads/highways, bridges, and related structures. Besides these, Laboratory’s department, MoPW is responsible for a soil sample collection from various sites and conducting both simple and advanced tests on the collected samples. Moreover, Laboratory’s department, MoPW is committed to provide proper geotechnical, geo investigation data and also supervise the process of testing, check, and review the existing reports. Laboratory’s department of MoPW witness all quality tests, check, and review of all mix designs provided for asphaltic pavement layers.

Job Description:

Scope of Work/Job Summary:
A Portland Cement Concrete Lab Technician conducts a wide variety of materials tests related to aggregate, cement, and mix design of concrete, In addition to some limited public works inspections. The aggregate, cement, and water materials testing is conducted primarily in the Lab Department of MoPW. Also, depending upon need can be conducted in the field. Performing different tests including cement tests, concrete slump tests, compression tests on cylinders, and other relevant and required tests. Technicians are required to use appropriate safety equipment and follow procedures while performing assignments. A Portland cement concrete Lab technician reports to the Portland cement concrete Engineer who reviews work through inspections, observation and gathers overall results achieved. 
Duties & Responsibilities:
• Receiving, processing, and analyzing samples. 
• Conducting tests on samples and experimental processes.
• Using, cleaning, and maintaining various types of equipment. 
• Handling and storing chemicals and other materials. 
• Administrative tasks such as maintaining notebooks, registration the simples and documenting procedures
• Picking-up and delivering items for the lab
• Monitor and authorize entrance and departure of employees, visitors, and other persons. 
• Storing and keeping all test materials including cement, aggregate, water, and concrete samples delivered from the test site in nominal condition;
• Testing of Portland cement, aggregate, and water according to ACI, ASTM, ASHTO, and BS codes and standards;
• Preparing mix design of concrete using ACI, ASTM, ASHTO codes, and standards.
• Conducting core tests on-field if needed;
• Carrying out concrete compressive strength, slump, unit weight, temperature, and workability tests within MoPW’s Portland cement laboratory and in the field
• Ensuring laboratory equipment is, calibrated, maintained in good condition
• Check construction supplies for damage, moisture, loss, or other problems before using the material.
• Write the results and conclusions of the inspection in a clear and intelligible way. Log the inspection’s processes such as contact, outcome, and steps taken.
• Inspect the placement of Portland cement concrete ensuring that the specifications are meet and no flows are present.
• Make sure that laboratory equipment is used in a safe manner and the handling of samples and specimens is correct. Work to ensure the validity of results obtained in research.
• Use elements of protective clothing such as steel-tipped shoes, and gear such as protective goggles, in order to minimize the risk of accidents in construction and to mitigate any injury if an accident does occur.
• Check the quality of basic materials used for the production of semi-finished and finished goods by assessing some of its characteristics and, if needed, select samples to be analyzed.
• Curing all the test samples and observing the procedure from the beginning till the end;
• Prepare a detailed report of all tests performed using a customized computer program and present to Portland cement concrete engineer;
• Performing site trips if needed;
• Assisting with the other Lab sections in relevant tasks and operations;
• Performing any other related duties and tasks as assigned by the head/supervisor. 

Job Requirements:

Skills & Competencies:
• Be familiar with all sample and advanced tests required for Portland cement concrete, data collection, and their analysis;
• Be able to record all test results in the prepared formats;
• Ability to overcome challenges and work in difficult work environments/conditions (especially in the field if required);
• High degree of personal initiative and willingness to accept responsibility for all poor Portland cement concrete investigations and test results related to it;
• Familiarity with Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and any other software used for Portland cement concrete engineering. 

Job Requirements:
• Minimum of a higher baccalaureate or bachelor’s degree in civil engineering, and or any other similar discipline;
• Having a minimum of 3-year work experience as Job-related work experience and 5 years of general experience in civil engineering.
• Knowledge of standard practices of Portland cement concrete and all relevant AASHTO, ASTM, and ACI standards;
• Good experience in working with relevant lab equipment and machinery;
• Required verbal and written communication skills in English, Pashto, and Dari;
• Proven organizational and problem-solving skills.

Required Documents:
• CV with an application form for the relevant position;
• Copy of verified Afghan ID Card (Tazkera) or Passport copy;
• Copy of verified last Posting Contract;
• Copy of other documents seems to be necessary.

Submission Guideline:

Interested candidates are requested to forward their applications, detailed CV and other required documents to [email protected] indicate the vacancy number (MoPW/SRTAP/CMTL/1400-85) and the post title (Portland Cement Concrete Specialist) in the subject line when applying by email to the Human Resource Unit – Sustainable Reform and Technical Assistance Project of Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) at Kabul, Afghanistan. 

Office Add: SRTAP Office, Kabul Jalalabad Road, In front of KMTC, Ministry of Public Work, Kabul Afghanistan.
Only short-listed candidates will be notified

Submission Email:

[email protected]

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