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Activation Date: 22 May, 2021   Announced Date: 22 May, 2021   Expire Date: 03 Jun, 2021

Job Location: Kabul
Nationality: Afghan
Category: Engineering
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: NTA Salary Scale (Grade B3 – B5)
Vacancy Number: MoPW/SRTAP/PSC/1400-62
No. Of Jobs: 1
City: Kabul
Organization: Ministry Of Public Works
Years of Experience: Specific 2 years, General 8 years
Contract Duration: 1 Year (with possibility of extension)
Gender: Male/Female
Education: Bachelor degree in civil engineering
Close date: 03 Jun, 2021

About Ministry Of Public Works:

The Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) is responsible for the planning, design, procurement, implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of the various transportation infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, and its relevant drainage and retaining/protection structures in the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.
On a mission to reduce project costs and extend the service life of road infrastructures in Afghanistan, the MoPW aims to embark on a project to develop new Standard Specifications for Roads and highway infrastructures by taking into account the national and international standards, country’s climatic and environmental conditions, economic situation, contractual procedures, safety requirements, local construction materials’ engineering properties, and technical aspects of the established design criteria for designing of roads and highway structures.

For the effective accomplishment of this purpose, the ministry intends to establish a team of highly experienced experts with diverse affiliations and extensive partnerships with industry and government organizations that will collaborate for revising the available technical specifications and developing new Standard Specifications for the design and construction of roadways and highway infrastructures with sufficient quality to be adopted by the MoPW and other relevant highway agencies/contractors functioning in Afghanistan. The newly developed Standard Specifications will serve as a standard reference in the construction contracts of roads and highway infrastructure (bridge, culvert, retaining/drainage structures) projects and outline minimum requirements for them. It will primarily encompass the limitations and standards for materials, equipment, and construction requirements that will ensure the delivery of quality, cost-effective, reliable, safe, and durable road and highway structure projects

Job Description:

Scope of Work/Job Summary:
The MoPW is looking to recruit a professional QA/QC Senior Specialist with extensive proven experience in road infrastructure projects, specialized in managing road and highway construction projects concentrating on developing policies for construction projects and creating, reviewing, updating, and implementing quality control & quality assurance plans. 
The incumbent will function as a member of the team for developing the Standard Specifications and will work under the direct supervision, guidance, and direction of the International SME and leadership of the Team Leader/ Project Manager. The position holder will utilize their qualifications and experience to develop quality control and quality assurance procedures, prepare material specifications based on field and laboratory tests, and establish acceptable standards for highway materials. The position will collaborate with the team of experts to develop a comprehensive Standard Specification for road projects in Afghanistan that is aligned with both the country’s needs and the regional/international standards. 
The potential candidate will remain active through all project phases and should work in close coordination with the senior management in the MoPW. He/ She must directly report to the Team Leader/ Project Manager of the team.

Duties & Responsibilities:
The selected candidate will function as a member of the team for developing Standard Specifications and provide necessary technical expertise in the mentioned area who will be responsible to perform the following tasks:
• Exhibit an in-depth understanding of various pavement materials’ engineering properties, including concrete, steel, aggregates, soil, geosynthetics, and asphalt materials;
• Have a thorough understanding of penetration grading, viscosity grading, and SUPERPAVE grading systems of asphalt binder;
• Develop and incorporate quality control plans, material testing procedures, specifications, and work methodologies into the standard specifications;
• Establish procedures with time limits for the inspection, sampling, and testing of the works and all other QA/QC requirements;
• Establish guidelines for developing method statement for risk assessment, job safety, etc.;
• Establish guidelines for developing standard QA/QC documents of the completed project, including certificates, calibrations, test results, inspection requests, non-compliance reports, site instruction/observations, permanent materials delivered, and other important QA/QC documents;
• Establish audit conducting procedures to ensure compliance with ISO 9001 (Quality Management Systems);
• Develop and maintain effective working relationships with seniors and the standard specification team;
• Identify, analyze, and resolves problems and issues with QA/QC process through field studies and regular meetings with engineers from various disciplines to ensure the compilation of a comprehensive standard specification with high accuracy and quality;
• Ensure that the developed Standards Specification complies with national and international standards, country’s climatic and environmental conditions, economic situation, and the engineering properties of available construction materials;
• Develop guidelines and checklists for supervising the contractor’s compliance with material specifications and testing;
• Develop, compare, and modify procedures for reviewing and approving the quality test results of pavement materials;
• Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of currently adopted QA/QC procedures and approaches for highway projects in Afghanistan;
• Develop guidelines for evaluating construction materials for compliance with environmental standards;
• Cooperate in the capacity building of field engineers to confidently supervise, control, and assure the compliance of material and construction quality with contract conditions; 
• Ensure projects meet legal, environmental, and health/ safety standards through the adoption of newly developed standard specifications;
• Plan and coordinate the activities for the development of standard specifications to ensure compliance to procedures and regulations as required by the MoPW;
• Assist the team in disseminating and publishing the finalized standard specification draft;
• Complete all work in conformance with the MoPW core values;
• Assist the Project Manager in reviewing/preparing the progress reports (weekly, monthly, quarterly);
• Assist the team in drafting the standard specifications and oversee the writing quality;
• Ensure that the language used in draft Standard Specifications is clear, simple, precise, and appropriate to the intended audience; and
• Other duties as assigned/required by the senior management.

Job Requirements:

Skills & Competencies:
• Knowledge of International Organization for Standardization quality systems;
• Familiarity with the currently practiced QA/QC procedures, QA/QC plan preparation, laboratory equipment, and material testing standards for highway structures in Afghanistan;
• Excellent record of compliance with quality work standards;
• Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of pavement materials’ engineering behavior, the production of these materials, and their deterioration manner under the combined effects of traffic and the environment;
• Able to perform service life and durability evaluations for pavement and highway structures;
• Experience in material characterization through testing;
• Expertise in asphalt mix design (Marshall and SUPERPAVE) and concrete mix design;
• Knowledge of applicable reference and testing material manuals and specifications, including ASTM, AASHTO, BS, and Indian Standards (IS); 
• Have a good understanding of non-destructive pavement testing, such as FWD and GPR survey;
• Know the process of reviewing and approval of the submitted work program by the contractor as well as monitoring the work progress during the construction;
• Proficiency in usage of MS Office, Internet, etc.;
• Able to develop specifications/guidelines and write clear, concise, and accurate technical reports/documents;
• Preferably, fully conversant with the standard forms of contracts used in highway projects;
• Highly motivated and enthusiastic team player with a strong desire to succeed; and
• Demonstrate leadership in handling and working with multidisciplinary teams.

Job Requirements:
• A bachelor’s degree holder in Civil engineering or a master’s in civil engineering, transportation, or other related fields (preferred), with emphasis on pavement material testing, QA/QC management, and road construction technology;
• Have at least 8 years experience in leading large-scale highway projects, mainly focused on QA/QC management, laboratory testing, and a firm understanding of the requirements and specifications for conducting tests on paving materials;
• Having 2 years of experience in preparing technical documents and developing standards/manuals is highly preferable;
• Must have the knowledge of methodology concerning standard specification development;
• Must have completed several high-profile infrastructural projects in high-profile companies/ organizations;
• Must demonstrate robust technical writing and English communication skills;
• Proven organizational and problem-solving skills; 
• Able to travel to the remote area all over Afghanistan and work as part of a team;
• Perform any other job-related duties and tasks as assigned by the senior management.

Required Documents:
• CV with a cover letter for the relevant position;
• Copy of verified Degree by the Ministry of Higher Education;
• Copy of verified Afghan ID Card (Tazkera) or Passport;
• Copy of verified last Posting Contract; and
• Copy of other relevant documents that support the application.

Submission Guideline:

Interested candidates are requested to forward their applications, detailed CV and other required documents to [email protected] indicate the vacancy number (MoPW/SRTAP/PSC/1400-62) and the post title (QA/QC Senior Specialist) in the subject line when applying by email to the Human Resource Unit – Sustainable Reform and Technical Assistance Project of Ministry of Public Works (MoPW) at Kabul, Afghanistan. 
Address: SRTAP Office, Railway Building, Kabul-Jalalabad Rd., opposite KMTC, MoPW, Kabul, Afghanistan.

Note: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

Submission Email:

[email protected]

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