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Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officers (Civil Engineer)

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Activation Date: 20 May, 2021   Announced Date: 20 May, 2021   Expire Date: 28 May, 2021

Job Location: Ghowr, Herat
Nationality: Afghan
Category: Monitoring and Evaluation
Employment Type: Full Time
Salary: As per the NTA Policy
Vacancy Number: IDLG/HR/ EZ-KAR 77
No. Of Jobs: 3
City: Checheran, Herat
Organization: IDLG
Years of Experience: 05 Years
Contract Duration: One years with possible extension
Gender: Male/Female
Education: BA/ Master preferred
Close date: 28 May, 2021

About IDLG:

IDLG was established on 30 August 2007 by Presidential decree, transferring the responsibilities of the Civil Administration division of the Ministry of the Interior to a new independent directorate. The Presidential decree also transferred the responsibility for supporting Provincial Councils to IDLG, creating a single structure responsible for sub‐national governance in Afghanistan.

 IDLG therefore has direct management responsibility of Tashkeel staff working in sub‐national governance institutions such as Provincial and District Governors’ Offices, Provincial and District Municipalities, and Provincial Councils (PCs).

IDLG’s vision is to make a difference in the lives of Afghan citizens by providing them good governance.

IDLG’s mission is consolidating peace and stability, achieving development and equitable economic growth and achieving improvements in service delivery through just, democratic processes and institutions of good governance at sub‐national level.

Establishing and strengthening government institutions at sub‐national level
Ensuring public participation in decision making

IDLG’s Mandate:

Improving sub‐national governance in order to achieve stability, security and development
Providing good governance at sub‐national level

IDLG has four functions, as follows:

Policy Development: Development of sub‐national governance policy and revision of laws, regulations and rules of procedure in line with this policy
Institutional Development: Provision of organizational strengthening, capacity building and support to sub‐national governance institutions
Broader Governance: Support for the participation of stakeholders and citizens in subnational governance processes
Support: Facilitating the delivery of national programs and initiatives through subnational governance institutions

Programs scope

The Deputy Ministry of Municipalities (DMM) within the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) serves as the Implementing Agency (IA) for:

the urban Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project (CCAP);
the Cities Investment Project (CIP), which has a separate PIU for its management and oversight;
the Component Two of the Eshteghal Zaiee – Karmondena Project (EZ-Kar CII, sharing a PIU with the urban CCAP);
the Component Three of the Eshteghal Zaiee – Karmondena Project (EZ-Kar CIII, sharing a PIU with the CIP) ;
Covid-19 relief support for the four cities, PEACE Pilot and CCAP expansion as sub-components of CCAP; and
REACH program in urban areas.

About EZ-KAR:

The CCAP/EZ-KAR PIU is currently responsible for the management and oversight of:

    Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project (CCAP), with the duration of 2017-2022, the total funding for the CCAP is USD 910.23 million and USD 190.3 million funding for urban including the covid-19 emergency relief and CCAP expansion to other cities.

The project Development Objective for the Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project is to improve the delivery of core infrastructure, emergency support, and social services to participating communities through strengthened Community Development Councils (CDCs).

The Peace pilot, emergency relief for Covid-19 response and urban expansion are sub-components of the CCAP. The CCAP cover 14 cities during the first phase of its implementation.

Eshteghalzai-Karmondana (EZ-KAR) project, with duration from 2018-2023 and total budget of USD 200 million and the funding for the component 2 which this PIU will be responsible for management and oversight is USD 121.8 million.

EZ-KAR is covering 12 cities in its implementation period of the program.

Covid-19 Relief Effort for Afghan Communities and Households (REACH)- Dastarkhan Milli, with duration of 2020-2021, having a total funding of 300 Million dollars, and the funding for urban component is USD 56 million.

The development objective of this project is to provide emergency support to selected households through communities in project areas affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

This project also covers that part of the provincial capitals of the 14 cities that has not been covered by CCAP Emergency Relief for Covid-19 project.

These projects are closely inter-related given shared operational modalities, one dependent on the other for its funding tranche releases, shared Project Implementation Units (PIUs) etc. The Consultant will be required to focus on the urban CCAP and its sub-programs, REACH and the EZ-Kar CII that share a common Project Implementation Unit (PIU).

Any other projects or programs that are added to the PIU’s portfolio during the contract duration of the incumbent it will automatically fall under the incumbent mandate for the same TOR too.

Job Description:

  • The Senior M&E Officer work closely with internal and external stakeholders and will be to coordinate and support all data collection and reporting arrangements on project progress in accordance with the Project Results Framework.
  • Specifically, under the supervision and guidance of the PMU Head and the M&E Unit Head, the senior M&E Officer, will perform the following duties and responsibilities:
  • Lead the development of and oversee the review of project level Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) plan and associated work plans for each component/activity (as reflected in the results framework);
  • Develop TORs for M&E tasks to be carried out for consulting firms (e.g. the design of surveys, evaluations (mid-term and final evaluation), etc. using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods;
  • Be responsible for sourcing data and information for specific M&E needs directly from other implementing agencies and stakeholders particularly for indicators not requiring a survey.
  • Support technical work such as reviewing M&E methods, carrying out training needs, designing M&E tools and providing M&E technical assistance;
  • Oversee and participate in evaluations and assessments.
  • The Senior M&E Officer may also serve as the evaluation team member of selected evaluations conducted.
  • Ensure quality control of M&E outputs (e.g. surveys etc.), including by contributing substantively to the design and field testing of the monitoring methodology, review, supervise design and implementation of the survey, participatory data collection methods and protocols, data verification techniques, and other technical evaluation and analytical tasks conducted.
  • Develop and maintain a M&E database for the project and contribute to the maintenance of a database.
  • Maintain a detailed knowledge of all relevant issues impacting his/her field of Monitoring & Evaluation.
  • Ensuring mentoring and training of project team to foster capacity building on M&E knowledge.
  • Support monitoring and evaluation missions commissioned by the donors on the project;
  • Review monitoring and evaluation system/mechanism, process and procedures of the project and forms and formats for project activities under its various components;
  • Monitor sub-projects progress through field visit as may be required, offer feedback and keep regular communication with related field and center level staff.
  • Attend, participate and provide necessary inputs for preparation of and during project meeting, workshops and trainings.
  • Serve as focal point for providing M&E inputs on Implementation Progress Reports.
  •  Prepare and submit M&E inputs as per the Results Framework to the consolidated quarterly/ annual project implementation progress reports meeting the deadline as per the requirement of project and CCNPP/IDLG.
  •  Guide the process for identifying the key performance indicators and parameters for monitoring Local Government and comparing them to targets and design the format for such performance reports.
  • Prepare consolidate progress reports for project management to submit to the relevant stakeholders, in accordance with approved reporting formats and schedule.
  • Support other relevant staff of the Project to support the PMU in coordinating the preparation and consolidation of annual work plans, monthly and quarterly, Project reports and other deliverables.
  • Review monitoring reports, analyze them for impact evaluation and to identify the causes of potential bottlenecks in project implementation and make recommendations.
  •  Tracking progress made on the Project’s Results Framework during project implementation.
  • Accomplish others tasks related for preparing, monitoring, evaluation and management information system as per the need of project assigned by PMU.
  •  Assist in development of mechanisms, documentation and rules of procedure for effective project delivery and management.
  • The Senior M&E Officer will report directly to the PMU and the M&E Unit Head and will be expected in addition to his/her tasks for providing /preparing following deliverables, among others:
  • a) M&E inputs to Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Project Implementation Progress Report;
  • b) M&E implementation plan for the CCNPP Project;
  • c) TORs for surveys
  • d) Inputs to ASERD program and component level indicators; M&E inputs to good practice
  • case studies
  • e) Monitoring and Supervision report as per the requirement.
  • f) Reports and proceeding of seminars, workshops and training
  • Number of positions: Total 03 (2 Herat and 1 Ghor)

Job Requirements:


At least a Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering, Architecture or Urban Planning.


Urban Planner/ Civil Engineer with at least 5 years experiences civil engineering filed, quality control with community driven development project. 

Submission Guideline:

Qualified Afghan applicants are encouraged to submit their resumes with a detailed application letter including a contact number or address. Please submit your applications electronically to: https://jobs.ccap-mis.com/vacancies/91/senior-monitoring-and-evaluation-officers-civil-engineer/apply

The HR Department will not entertain telephone inquiries.

Please specify the vacancy number along with the title of the position and location in the subject line of your email or else your application will not be considered.

Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for a written test.

The Citizens’ Charter/EZ-Kar/REACH is committed to ensuring a fully transparent and meritocratic recruitment process for all program and Tashkeel positions in its purview. CVs, written tests, and interviews are reviewed by a multi-ministerial committee, including IDLG, MRRD, and the Ministry of Finance. The World Bank has final signing authority on all appointments. Checks and balances have been put in place to prevent any potential for nepotism, discrimination, or favoritism. Any attempts to influence the requirement process will result in the immediate disqualification of the candidate

The IDLG DMM CCAP/EZ-KAR PIU strongly encourages woman candidates to apply. It applies a pro-active and positive discrimination policy towards woman

candidates as follows:

(a) Women candidates with slightly lower than the stated required educational qualifications will also be considered.

(b) If the difference in the written test and/or interview scores between the male and female highest-scoring candidates is less than or up to 5 out of 100 total

points (or a difference of up to 10%), the woman candidate will be offered the position (even where she scored the lesser points).

(c) If offered this position, the woman position holder will be allowed an adult male or female relative as a maharram for official travel, if/when required.

(d) The IDLG and it’s CCAP/EZ-Kar PIU will promote a women-friendly environment with clear anti-harassment policies enforced.

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