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Date Posted: Jan 10, 2022
Reference: 003/2022
Closing Date: Jan 17, 2022
Work Type: Full Time
Number of Vacancies: 1
Gender: Any
Functional Area: Monitoring and Evaluation
Nationality: Afghan
Salary Range: As per company salary scale
Years of Experience: 4 – 5 Years
Contract Duration: 1 year(s)
Possibility of Contract Extension: Yes
Contract Type: Fixed-term
Probation Period: 3 months
Required Languages: Dari,Pashto,English

About Integrity Watch Afghanistan: Founded:   Integrity Watch is an Afghan civil society organization committed to increasing transparency,accountability, and integrity in Afghanistan. Integrity Watch was created in October 2005 andestablished itself as an independent civil society organization in 2006. The head office of IntegrityWatch is in Kabul with provincial programmatic outreach in Balkh, Herat, Kabul, Kapisa, andNangarhar Provinces of Afghanistan. Integrity Watch also works in several other provinces throughits local partners.Over the last decade, Integrity Watch’s work has focused on three major components: (1)Community Monitoring, (2) Research, and (3) Advocacy.Ever since its establishment, Integrity Watch has tried to encourage active citizenship andcommunity mobilization through its programs. Our community monitoring work has included thedevelopment of community monitoring tools, mobilizing, and training communities to monitorpublic services, education and health, as well as construction projects . So far, more than 2308 publicservices sites have been monitored by 4844 volunteers.Our current research work is focused on the health and education sector as well as aid effectiveness.The objective is to develop new, ground-breaking empirical research in order to set the agenda,influence decision-makers, and bring to the public attention non-documented and non-exploredissues.The aim of our advocacy work has been to enhance Integrity Watch’s pioneering role in advocatingfor knowledge-based decision-making and informed public debate on governance and integrityissues. Our advocacy work includes the facilitation of policy dialogue on issues related to integrity,transparency, and accountability. We have engaged in policy advocacy for issues that communitiesexperience on a day-to-day basis while trying to hold the government and service providersaccountable. Our current thematic focus is on aid effectiveness, the education and health sectors aswell as broader governance issues.Overall, Integrity Watch has proven itself throughout the years as the lead anti-corruptionorganization both at the local and the national level. In addition, Integrity Watch has also earnedinternational recognition and has contributed to the global fight against corruption throughknowledge sharing and joining coalitions working on global integrity and anti-corruption agendas.

Job Summary:

Initiate, lead and plan M&E tools and activities, in coordination with Program Managers and Director.

Review the quality of existing social and economic data in the program area, the methods of collecting

it and the degree to which it will provide good baseline statistics for impact evaluation. Establish the

structure and process for the M&E coordination.

Duties & Responsibilities:

Planning and strategizing

• Ensuring all program plans received on time and shared with management.

• Reviewing & compiling programs/units annual work plans and coordinate meetings with

programs/units and management for final review and approval.

• Develop deliverable plans for each project and coordinate weekly meetings to review

the progresses made for each projects’ deliverables.

• Implementing the monitoring of individual programs and ensuring that timely decisions

on corrective actions are made and implemented.

• Helping revise the program log frame matrix, particularly in regards to the output

objectives and independent indicators measuring them.

• Guiding the process for identifying and designing the key indicators for each component,

to record and report progress against programs’ objectives and impact.

• Reviewing and developing M&E strategy with key stakeholders to ensure an updated

and shared understanding of the strategy and information needs.

Management and coordination

• Establishing the structure and process for the M&E coordination.

• Managing the process of developing online databases and making sure that database

backups are taken on weekly basis and kept in secure places.

• Managing the process of developing mobile application and making sure necessary

changes/ updates brought to the application as required.

• Assuring that all contractual obligations are adhered to making the necessary contacts

and efforts to ensure implementation meets project and program targets.

• Regularly appraising staff and providing feedback and support to enable them to do

their jobs better.

• Identifying and participate in recruitment of key M&E staff and supervise them.

Capacity building and learning

• Encouraging staff to report frankly on fieldwork, highlighting problems and possible

solutions plus lessons learned. Reward innovation in critical reflection and learning.

• Ensuring easy public access to M&E reports and data and make sure they are widely

distributed including drafting of M&E briefs.

• Communicating and promoting internally the M&E tools, strategy, activities and findings.

• Make sure all relevant decision makers have access to M&E data.


• Ensuring all program reports received on time and shared with management.

• Checking programs/units reports with online database and make sure accurate figures

reflected on the reports.

• Reviewing & compiling programs/units annual & mid-year progress reports and submit

them to management for final review and approval.

• Preparing and submit semi & annual reports to the Ministry of Economics (MoEC).

• Participating in drafting of reports to donors.

Committee work

• Participate in committees work to assist top management of the organization to

smoothly manage various aspect of the organization including learning, procurement,

recruitment, security, risk management, etc.

Programs Evaluation

• Identifying the needs for external evaluations and ensuring they gain from timely

internal insight and feedback.

• Developing new ideas and advice based on the M&E findings on prioritizing and

sequencing of programs and activities.

• Reviewing monitoring reports; analyse them for impact evaluation and to identify the

causes of potential bottlenecks in program implementation.

Proposal Writing and Fundraising

• Participating in drafting of proposals to donors.

• Developing close working relationships with all Integrity Watch stakeholders – including

the beneficiary communities, civil society groups, line departments, private sector,

donors and international partners

Job Requirement:


  •  A university degree in a relevant discipline


  •  At least two years of experience in M&E system design and management
  •  Three to five years of experience in M&E planning and implementation

Knowledge, skills and abilities

  •  Excellent knowledge of the logical framework approach, strategic planning and M&E methods and approaches.
  •  Familiarity with academic and scientific data collection methods
  •  Good understanding of existing social and economic data on Afghanistan
  •  Excellent information analysis and report writing skills
  •  Excellent oral communication skills in English and preferably in Dari/Pashtu
  •  Solid understanding of community-led development and governance with a focus on
  • participatory process and multi-stakeholder management approaches
  •  Willing to undertake regular field visits and interact with different stakeholders
  •  Leadership qualities, personnel and team management.


  •  Good written and spoken English and the ability to translate messages English/Dari and/or

Job Location:

Afghanistan, Kabul

Submission Guideline:

Please apply by sending a CV and a cover letter that outlines how your experience and education relate

to the skills and experience outlined in the Terms of Reference to: [email protected] In the e-

mail subject line please write “M&E Manager “and your name.

The deadline for application is January 17, 2022. Interview of suitable candidates may begin once

applications are received

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